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The work of the Commission has received widespread media coverage. Thanks are owed to local media for their strong support of our efforts to promote ethical decision making. Articles in print and other citations of media coverage are listed below. Please note that the print articles and the same articles from the Internet, where links are provided, may have slightly different titles, and some online articles may only be provided for a limited period of time. MEDIA COVERAGE in 2013 January 21, 2013    TIMES article, titled “Munster council adopts revised ethics code.” January 29, 2013    TIMES article, titled “Lowell adds engineering firm for projects.”  Article noted a presentation by Calvin Bellamy for consideration of membership in the Shared Ethics Advisory Commission. February 23, 2013   TIMES article, titled “Philpot’s fate may not put other pols on right path.”  Comments endorse ethics training to prevent others from a similar fate. February 27, 2013 Media coverage by WJOB. February 28, 2013 TIMES editorial by Doug Ross, titled “Government employees need ethics training.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-government-employees-need-ethics- training/article_c03609b6-ed71-568b-99ff-0b4359c3b6e3.html  March 3, 2013 TIMES guest commentary by Calvin Bellamy, titled “Ethics training:  Big payoff at low cost.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/columnists/guest-commentary/guest-commentary- ethics-training-pays-off-but-doesn-t-cost/article_f7036acd-a5d3-5157-ae6d-c18158d83f41.html  March 8, 2013 TIMES article, titled “Former U.S. attorney to speak at ethics event.” March 12, 2013 Media coverage by Lakeshore Public Radio. March 15, 2013 Post Tribune article, titled “ Speaker at ethics group meeting says culture is what allows corruption.” March 15, 2013 TIMES article, titled “Stopping government corruption takes more than law enforcement.” Article covers keynote speech of Patrick Fitzgerald at SEAC event. http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/hobart/fitzgerald-stopping-government-corruption- takes-more-than-law-enforcement/article_f5477aae-3529-50c9-824e-986a97a2eb17.html  March 19, 2013 TIMES editorial by Doug Ross, titled “Speak up, train to fight unethical behavior.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-speak-up-train-to-fight-unethical- behavior/article_ccbe03ca-e7aa-57d1-b682-2e448972feb1.html  March 20, 2013 TIMES column by Rich James, titled “Not everyone defines ethics in quite the same way.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/columnists/rich-james/rich-james-not-everyone-defines- ethics-the-same-way/article_b82e2864-efb4-5e08-8bb0-fd613bb7e408.html  April 1, 2013 TIMES article, titled “Lowell weighs costs of joining ethics panel.” April 18, 2013 TIMES photo, titled “Ethics training session,” showing David M. Limardi as he presents to an audience at Ethics Training for Department Heads and Supervisors, April 17, 2013. May 2, 2013 thenewsdispatch.com (Michigan City, IN) article, titled  “Commissioners OK ethics training process.”  http://thenewsdispatch.com/articles/2013/05/02/news/local/doc5181d734e6006204171079.txt  May 2, 2013 heraldargus.com (LaPorte, IN) article, titled “Commissioners OK ethics training process.”  http://heraldargus.com/articles/2013/05/03/news/local/doc5181baac3ae15238596441.txt May 20, 2013 TIMES editorial by Doug Ross, titled “Lessons to learn from VanTil’s indictment.” http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-lessons-to-learn-from-van-til-s- indictment/article_6336fbea-7b28-53eb-9a91-ae3443ed7438.html  June 4, 2013 TIMES guest commentary by Calvin Bellamy, titled “Ethics is not an oxymoron.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/columnists/guest-commentary/guest-commentary- ethics-in-government-is-not-an-oxymoron/article_82927c06-3541-5e9c-a6a0-8ccb2c674818.html  June 7, 2013 TIMES article, titled “E.C. wins $331,000 from Pastrick, Aides.” http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/east-chicago/east-chicago-wins-k-from-pastrick- aides/article_0eaf394d-d49f-5b8a-a92c-9520368f9978.html  June 7, 2013 TIMES editorial by Doug Ross, titled “End of RICO suit marks new era in E.C.” http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-end-of-rico-suit-marks-new-era-in- east/article_c7c1b156-a0fa-5191-ba1a-e055482aabf2.html  June 7, 2013 Post-Tribune article, “Pastrick repays portion owed to EC.” June 16, 2013 Post-Tribune opinion by Calvin Bellamy, “Ethics in government is not an oxymoron.” June 24, 2013 Post-Tribune article, titled “Council says lights out for Hobart digital sign, ” including report on the Hobart’s decision to join the Commission. August 11, 2013 Post-tribune article, titled “Linda Buzinec nominated to serve on regionwide ethics commission.” August 15, 2013 TIMES article, titled “Hobart signs on to ethics board.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/shared-ethics-advisory-commission-gains-three-new- members/article_e02d9217-83d8-58ab-905c-39a8b030038c.html  August 20, 2013 TIMES editorial by Doug Ross, titled “Ethics bandwagon rolling, needs more speed.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-ethics-bandwagon-rolling-needs-more- speed/article_06da6f5a-35a1-50de-84aa-240fa6a801fa.html  August 21, 2013 TIMES column by Rich James, titled “Ethics is learned skill, not just common sense.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/columnists/rich-james/rich-james-ethics-is-learned-skill- not-common-sense/article_e94e0ca1-f491-52b3-bc04-859a2c7b759e.html  August 28, 2013 TIMES article, titled “Ethics commission welcomes Hobart as newest member.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/crown-point/ethics-commission-welcomes-hobart-as- newest-member/article_ba4a1782-e89f-598d-bd6d-08cabc399bac.html  August 28, 2013 TIMES opinion in Letters to the Editor, by Marcia Carlson, titled “Ethics training highlights life’s many shades of gray.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/mailbag/ethics-training-highlights-life-s- many-shades-of-gray/article_30cbd1af-8340-50a6-bb6a-bdbc2846ce41.html  August 30, 2013 Post-Tribune article, titled “Merrillville officials split on joining ethics panel.” September 3, 2013 TIMES articles, titled “M’ville council ponders joining ethics commission.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/merrillville/council-to-continue-discussion-about- joining-ethics-commission/article_be2ec8b5-7d56-58ec-8700-dd528c401b2f.html  October 1, 2013 TIMES article, titled “Government officials, workers focus on ethics.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/schererville/government-officials-employees-focus-on- ethics-in-the-workplace/article_d626ab1a-ba08-5449-855f-8e0c37e79070.html  November 1, 2013 Post-Tribune guest commentary by Calvin Bellamy, titled “Ethics in government.” November 1, 2013 Post-Tribune article by Carrie Napoleon, titled “Ethics Commission seeks more revenue.” November 5, 2013 Post-Tribune article by Leanne Hoagland-Smith, titled “Fall of ethics a mark against society today.”  http://posttrib.suntimes.com/news/hoaglandsmith/23479169-452/the-fall-of-business-ethics-a- mark-against-society-today.html  November 12, 2013 TIMES guest commentary by Calvin Bellamy, titled “Thousands are involved in improving ethics in government.”   http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/columnists/guest-commentary/guest- commentary-thousands-involved-in-improving-ethics-in-government/article_f4a3a66e-fafe-599a- 9c8e-a0677ce9c409.html   December 3, 2013 TIMES editorial, titled “Van Til’s plea offers ethics, reform lessons.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-van-til-s-plea-offers-ethics-reform- lessons/article_d61a57d7-91ba-529d-9c57-d51514f921ba.html  December 6, 2013 TIMES article by Bill Dolan, titled “County council to vote on E-911.”   http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/lake-county-council-prepared-to-vote-on-e-- agreement/article_769885d9-8ce1-516a-93f7-e2d44965f9ec.html  December 10, 2013 Post-Tribune article by Carrie Napoleon, titled “Ethics group gets hearing.” December 25, 2013 TIMES column by Rich James, titled, “Here are some additional Christmas gifts.”  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/columnists/rich-james/rich-james-here-are-some- additional-christmas-gifts/article_31ef06b6-e830-50b1-8b17-2dcc966636f4.html